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Hackers Extend Firesheep to exploit Google Search data leak

Security Professionals developed Firesheep(used to hack FB accounts using Wi-Fi further to catch the Google History cache.

Firesheep steal the Google Web History feature. Although it is necessary to login to use the web history, it is not require for unencrypted page(http:// not https://)

So Hackers are able to find out what you are searching for.  Based on your search, they may find some other your information also.  Once they know what is your interest , they can trick you and launch malicious attacks or adwares.

Thank god, it won't allow hackers to steal the google accounts.  However, it does expose private data.

The researchers have already alerted the Google Security Team who are working on a fix. In the meantime they recommend making sure you’re not logged in to your Google account when you’re using an unsecured network.

For more information on this research you can download Toubiana and Verdot's paper "Show Me Your Cookie And I Will Tell You Who You Are" from

You might also like to watch our video showing you how to counter Firesheep and its friends, even on unencrypted WiFi.

Security Tips:
Use Encrypted google search to protect your web history.
If you don't use Web Search History or you've never heard of it you may want to visit your search history page and disable it.