Aeronautical agency’s email account hacked

The official email account of the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) was recently hacked and data manipulated, allegedly by a private aerospace engineering company.

The hackers breached into the TAN login and even changed a mobile number linked the certain account and unauthorised online corrections were made to manipulate tax returns of a private aerospace engineering company in Bengaluru.

Rangarajan S (58), a senior executive with the ADA, filed a complaint with the cybercrime police of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) seeking legal action against unknown hackers on June 4. Based on the complaint, the police registered a case under various sections of the Information Technology Act and are probing.

In his complaint, Rangarajan said the hackers not only accessed details of financial transactions, but also made changes in the TDS for 2017-18. In addition to this, the hackers also allegedly changed the password, email ID and mobile IDs, and updated the PAN details of the company they belonged to. The police said the fraud might have occurred between March and May this year and come to light recently during the verification of official accounts.

“On March 31, an amount of Re 1 has been remitted to ADA’s TAN number. Also, some unknown person has filed 27EQ return of 4th quarter FY 2018-19 offline on May 7 (possibly at TIN-FC centre). ADA’s TDS Reconciliation and Correction Enabling Systems user ID and login password have been accessed unauthorisedly on May 14.”

Confirming the account’s hacking, senior ADA officials said that though there has been a breach in the account, there is no security concern. “This is not a serious issue as the account was in the open domain. No data pertaining to the agency has been compromised,” an officer said.

The cybercrime police are trying to ascertain the motive behind the hacking.

Hacker stole $1.75 million from church

The hackers have successfully stolen $1.75 million from the church Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish  using a successful BEC(Business Email Compromise) in which hackers trick email users to send the money in wrong banks. The attack was discovered on April 17 after contractor  of Vision 2020 project inquired church for not receiving monthly installment .

BEC which is also known as Email Account Compromise (EAC)  are very common among hackers where not much technical skills are required, it just rely on tricking people into wiring money to trusted bank while bank accounts are usually controlled by the hackers.

The Parish’s website posted, “With 16,000 members made up of 5,00 families, Saint Ambrose is the second largest church in the Diocese of Cleveland and the largest church in Brunswick, Ohio."

Pastor Father Bob Stec sent a letter to the Parish saying “On Wednesday, Marous Brothers called inquiring as to why we had not paid our monthly payment on the project for the past two months totaling approximately $1,750,000. This was shocking news to us, as we have been very prompt on our payments every month and have received all the appropriate confirmations from the bank that the wire transfers of money to Marous were executed/confirmed.”

After  an FBI investigation of the cyber attack  incident, it was found that the hackers hacked the  the parish's email system through phishing attack and were able to trick the staff   convincing them that the contractor had changed their bank account and making them transfer money to the fraudulent bank  account.

According to the investigation only email system of the Parish was hacked while the database that is "stored in a secure cloud-based system. This allows for many layers of security/protection of our parish database information."

According to the reports of, Father Stec's letter also states “We are now working closely with the Diocese, legal counsel, the insurance program, and the FBI to investigate the situation further and file the appropriate insurance claims. At the same time, we brought in information technology consultants to review the security and stability of our system, change all passwords, and verify the integrity of our databases and other pertinent information. They have determined the breach was limited to only two email accounts. “.

The parish has  submitted an insurance claim to pay to the contractor in timely manner for the project 2020.