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Ebay and Paypal UK domains hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Paypal is the latest Organization to be victim of Syrian Electronic Army(SEA).  Today, the group has hacked into the MakrMonitor account managing the Ebay and Paypal domains.

Exclusive :MarkMonitor account of Ebay

SEA managed to modify the DNS records of and and left them defaced.

"For denying Syrian citizens the ability to purchase online products, Paypal was hacked by SEA" The group said in a tweet.

The group said it is purely a hacktivist operation and no user accounts or data affected by this breach.

"If your Paypal account is down for a few minutes, think about Syrians who were denied online payments for more than 3 years. #SEA"

Syrian Electronic Army is best known for its Spear Phishing attacks where employees of organization are targeted with malicious emails. It appears the group used the same attack to compromise the Mark Monitor account of Ebay.

Exclusive: Ebay defaced
The group also hacked the email account Paul Whitted, Sr. Manager, Site Engineering Center at eBay and posted screenshot of the internal communications.


"We’re aware our UK & France marketing pages were redirected briefly for a few users. Situation is resolved; NO customer info was compromised"Paypal has acknowledged the breach on its official twitter account.