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A hacker stole £35,000 from bank account using Facebook status

A hacker stole £35,000 from his neighbours' online bank accounts after working out the answers to their security questions from information they posted on Facebook and Friends Reunited.

 Iain Wood spent up to 18 hours per day online, working out passwords from personal information posted on social networking sites by his acquiantances.

He targeted people living in his block of flats in a complex fraud and used his friends' personal details to get past security checks and hack into their bank accounts - stealing more than £35,000 over two years which he blew on gambling.

His scam only came to an end when he became over-confident and changed his system and the authorities were alerted.

Jailing him for 15 months.
Day by day thieves start to take the computer as weapon instead.  Most of innocent people become victim for these type of hackers.  They should learn about Online security ,should understand the online risks.  If you want to know about Online security risks, please read our Security Tips Blog.