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Deep web underground marketplace "Sheep Marketplace" hacked or it is scam!

Sheep Marketplace, an underground anonymous marketplace selling drugs and others on the "Deep web", has shut down after large amount of bitcoins allegedly stolen from their website.

The website became popular after feds shut down the similar website "Silk Road" in october.

The site admin claimed that the 5,400 Bitcoins worth $5 million stolen by a vendor dubbed "EBOOK101" who exploited a bug in their site.  However, other reports that more than 96,000 Bitcoins worth $40 million stolen.

However, many say the Sheep market is actually a scam. There is also a website called "sheepmarketscam" that provides facts about Sheepmarket being a scam.

The market claimed to provide refund the remaining bitcoins to the users.  However, none of them is appeared to be received anything so far.

Sheep Marketplace is reportedly linking to new unknown marketplace called "TorMarket".