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Turkey Contact Point and Central Finance & Contracts Unit websites database leaked by D35m0nd142

Two Turkish Government websites found to be affected by critical SQL Injection vulnerabilities.  The hacker known as D35m0nd142 has exploited this vulnerability in a such way that he compromised database of those websites.

 The two affected sites are 'Central Finance & Contracts Unit (' and 'Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy('.

In the dump( belong to CFCU, the hacker leaked the 912 email addresses and encrypted passwords. 

"I've hacked over 96000 accounts but I've published just 912 of them and all encrypted." D35m0nd142 wrote where the data was leaked.

In the dump ( belong to, the hacker leaked the 96 email addresses and encrypted passwords.

Foxconn website hacked and database leaked by hacker D35m0nd142

Hacker with twitter handle "D35m0nd142" has claimed to have breached the website of Foxconn, a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company.

Hacker exploited a Blind SQL Injection vulnerability in the subdomain "" and compromised the database.

"//Admins warned..I didn't do any damage..It is just the proof of the giant vulnerability which affects the website.." Hacker said. "This is just a small piece of database and passwords are encrypted in order to prevent damage from other attackers with malicious purposes."

The dump(( contains the database details, email address, passwords.