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7 suspected Hackers who stole $2.4 million from ATM arrested in NY

We are in the Cyber world , here the robbers don't wear masks, use guns or even threatening bank tellers , they use laptop and internet instead.

An alleged international cyber criminals managed to steal $45 million from thousands of ATM's in matter of hours.

Their first operation started from India, the hackers were able to "infiltrate the system of an unnamed Indian credit-card processing company that handles Visa and MasterCard prepaid debit cards. "

In their first operation, the crews made 4,500 ATM transactions worldwide and stole $5million, according to New York Times report.

In the second operation, the crews made 36,000 transactions worldwide and stole about $40 million in approximately 10 hours. It included $2.4 million stolen by a team of eight people in New York City.

The seven of the eight suspected members of the New York crew have been arrested. The eighth, said to be the ringleader, was found dead on April 27 in the Dominican Republic.