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The Syrian Embassy website in Belgium is still hacked and defaced

A hacker with the online handle 'CapoO_TunisiAnoO' has breached The Syrian Embassy website in Belgium and defaced the main page(

"The Cartoon Syrian Army website has been hacked in response to the cyber bullying they're practicing supported by the governmental Syrian Computer Society and in the light of this defacement I'd like to address the world with few words" Hacker said in the defacement page.

"To United States and Europian countries, you claim that you protect the world, help the oppressed and claim democracy."

"But our revolution exposed your real faces and showed humanity that you are advocates of your own interests and that you don't have a humanitarian principle in what you claim, you only raise those banners to occupy nations, inslave their people and steal their treasures just like you did in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places, and maybe soon in Mali"