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BitTorrent releases Bleep for iOS, introduces new feature 'Whisper'

In the era of communication, instant messaging apps are what making news every day. A new entrant in this world of apps is “Bleep”. It is a fun and easy to use mobile messaging app for iOS released by BitTorrent, in order to keep the user information private.

BitTorrent, that bought an alpha version of Bleep last September, enables the first non-alpha release to sign up without an account and allowing all the messages to be encrypted with local keys, so that no one has access to the other’s data.

With Bleep, one can chat via text, make free voice calls, or use the newly admitted feature, Whisper. 

A message or photo can be sent to any of your contacts as a Whisper, and it will disappear 25 seconds after it's viewed. 

Whisper messages also have additional screenshot protection that blurs out the important stuff.

To register, all that is required is a nickname. The email addresses and mobile numbers with Bleep can be verified optionally, which means more anonymity on the app.

Bleep offers a peer-to-peer connection in which one’s data isn't stored in the cloud where it could be hacked into remotely. Data sent via Bleep is stored on the device until it is delivered, through an encrypted connection, to the recipient’s device.

Adding friends is easy via the device’s address book, their email, mobile number or Bleep key. Voice calls can be connected directly (no cloud) to your contacts with end-to-end encryption.

In addition to its availability on iOS, it has significant updates on Android and is also available for Mac and Windows desktop.