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Hacker Barbaros-DZ targets Chinese Government websites

An Algerian hacker known as Barbaros-DZ has hacked into more than 20 Chinese Government websites within seven days.

“I'm attacking Chinese sites because they are corrupt. Look at them, they think that money is important in the world. That’s wrong. They don't understand what freedom and love is [important],” Eduard Kovacs from Softpedia cited hacker as saying.

“The Chinese country is a rich country, with much people, but much people only want much money,” he added.

“Let’s take an example, a Chinese company with 200 workers. The boss don't even care if someone is extinct, starved and that’s why I hacked important site of Chinese companies. Hopefully Chinese will be in the future a good country.”

According to report, the hacker use Remote File inclusion (RFI) and Local file inclusion(LFI) attacks for injecting his backdoor shell and deface the websites.

The hacked sites are Gaobeidian city (, Association of Science and Technology in Shaowu(,,, Wensheng party-building network( ), Ningxia Science and Technology Agency(, Zhuxi Chengguan Town People's Government( ).

Other hacked sites :, , ,,, , ,, , , , ,, ,, .

The mirror of the defacement can be found here: