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Around 3000 Indian sites hacked by Bangladesh Cyber Army in Memory of 15-Year-Old Girl

Earlier Today, we reported that more than 1000 Indian sites hacked by Bangladesh Grey hat hackers.  The Bangladesh Cyber Army claims to have defaced around 3,000 Indian websites as a form of protest against the country’s Border Security Force (BSF).

"After exactly one year, Bangladesh Cyber Army is back once again with their attacks on Indian Cyber Space." The hacker said in an email sent to EHN.

"This attacks was inflicting owing to the reason of 7th January, being the day, when a 13 year old Bangladeshi girl was brutally murdered by BSF just 2 years back."

The full list of hacked sites can be found here :

" The website of Paisacontrol which is a supporting website of Indian Stock Exchange has also gone down! Bigger attacks will be coming! " The hackers give a warning.

The hackers uploaded a video on youtube with the title"2nd Bangladesh vs India War"

Mexican Hosting company 'Krystal host' hacked by Bangladeshi Cyber Army

 A Hacker named as Rexoman, from Bangladesh Cyber Army(BCA), has managed to break into one of the Mexican hosting company named Krystal Host.

The attacker gained access to 1169 hosted websites and defaced all of them. In a pastebin release, hacker post entire list of defaced domains.  The paste also contains details about the Linux Server.

The hacker didn't post any message in the defacement page except "Hacked by Rexoman.  Just 0wn3d". He didn't deface the main page of the sites ,but instead, he upload a file called "rexo.html" in the victim's domain.

Partial site listing:

The full list:

At the time of writing, we are able to see the defacement in most of the websites.

Bangladeshi Hackers warn Indian Hackers

Hackers from the 3xp1r3 Cyber Army are once again threatening Indian hackers, urging them to stop attacking websites from Bangladesh.

“Dear, Indian Hackers We are like storm which is brewing & our shadow like thunder in the distance. No one knows that how capable we are. So, don't do anything more than you are capable of, you will probably be unhappy if we stand against. Don’t Hack Bangladeshi websites again (sic),” Softpedia quoted as hackers saying.

“Don’t worry! Storm is not started yet; just wind blows slowly with a flash of light. Take it as a precaution of a destructive storm.So, guys think twice before facing a storm by crossing the limit otherwise you might be cried.”

They conclude by revealing the fact that their message will also be posted on a number of Indian website they’re about to hack.

Cyber-war :more Bangladesh Government sites hacked by Myanmar Hackers

After Bangladesh cyber army declares cyber-war against Myanmar and hack few government sites, Myanmar Hackers group known as 'Blink Hacker Group(BCH)' hack more Bangladeshi Government sites.

The hacked sites are Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC),Information and Communication Technology Division,Cabinet Division,Pabna Textile Engineering College,Ministry of Defence,NID Registration Wing,Bangladesh National Commission for UNESCO.

Disaster Management Bureau(DMB),Department of Textile,Economic Relations Division (ERD),Bangladesh Election Commission,Ministry of Communication,Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism and more sites become victim of this cyber attack from Myanmar Hackers.

Hacker provide us the list of hacked sites.  Here you can find the list:

Hackers wipe out the database from the hacked sites. At the time of writing this article, all sites appeared to be suffering database connection issues.

Cyber War between Myanmar Hackers and Bangladeshi Cyber Army

A Bangladeshi hackers group known as 'Bangladeshi Cyber Army(BCA)' has declared a cyber-war on Myanmar, accusing the country of killing innocent Muslims and its hackers of breaching Bangladeshi websites.

"This injustice over the Muslims and attack on the Bangladeshi cyber space has forced us to react. In this situation, we feel the necessity of a cyber war, against racists." Hackers posted in their official facebook page.

"Human Rights Commission and other Governments who have the ability to stop all these are sitting idle under this situation. We request them to come forward and stand against injustice."

As part of the Cyber War, The BCA take down the number of Myanmar government sites by DDOS attack. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (, Ministry of Co-operatives (, Ministry of Construction (, Ministry of Forestry (, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation ( sites are seems to be down at the time of writing this article.

Hackers also defaced the websites of Myanmar Tour And Travel, the University of Medicine in Mandalay, Myanmar Logistics Co, Client Focus Technology Group, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, The Royal Hantha Arts of Myanmar Artists, Myanmar Clover Hotel Yangon, and others.

As part of the Cyber-war, Myanmar hackers also started to hack more Bangladeshi sites. More than 30 Bangladeshi government sites were defaced. The sites are Ministry of Education, Department of Relief & Rehabilitation,Ministry Of Industries and others. The full list of hacked sites can be found here.

Another Massive Attack on Indian sites by Bangladesh Cyber Army

Bangladesh Cyber Army continues their protest against the Killing innocent people on borders. BCA hacked and defaced over 100 websites in this massive attack.

"Stop hacking Bangladeshi websites and stop all types of access to Bangladeshi Cyber Space completely" Hackers stated as demand in the defacement page. "Stop killing innocent Bangladeshi citizens at BD-India borders"

" Stop Tipaimukh Dam... Sign the 'Teesta Water Sharing Treaty'...Either stop broadcasting of Indian Media in Bangladesh or let Bangladeshi Media enter India... Stop all Anti-Bangladesh activities of BSF and punish all offenders for their deeds against Bangladesh... Last but not the least, India has to stop all activities which go against Bangladesh in any possible way..." They added.

Hackers said they want each and every demands to be fullfilled otherwise they will continue their cyber attack against Indian Cyber space.

The full list of hacked site can be found here:

Here you can the previous cyber attack against Indian site.

"Why Bangladesh Cyber Army Attack on Indian Cyber Space" says BCA

The news of Bangladesh Cyber army attack on Indian website swarmed everywhere in the cyber space. While we(EHN) provide the latest update of the cyber war, some media-news sites, newspapers, TV channels have been posting news which are totally false and based on absolutely nothing.

BCA worried about these false news and said " Publishing of all these false news will only harm the people and create confusion."

Here, BCA present you the reason of the whole war:
"Bangladesh Cyber Army, being the biggest hacking and security group of Bangladesh could not but stand against the Indians when it came to killing innonect Bangladeshi people at the India-Bangladesh borders. Many people have been killed in the border zone for no good reason, with no evidence against them. We cannot tolerate killing of our people with any strong reason with inhuman torture at any cost. Besides, the attack of Indian hackers on Bangladeshi sites has forced us to act. So we put forward some demands for the greater good of the nations which are as under
( ) :-"

1. Stop hacking Bangladeshi websites and stop all types of access to Bangladeshi Cyber Space completely...
2. Stop killing innocent Bangladeshi citizens at BD-India borders...
3. Stop Tipaimukh Dam...
4. Sign the "Teesta Water Sharing Treaty"...
5.Either stop broadcasting of Indian Media in Bangladesh or let Bangladeshi Media enter India...
6. Stop all Anti-Bangladesh activities of BSF and punish all offenders for their deeds against Bangladesh...
7. Last but not the least, India has to stop all activities which go against Bangladesh in any possible way...

We do not mean to do much harm to anyone in any way.
This does not mean we cannot we harsh or strict.

If you had doubt about what we are capable of doing, those must have been cleared of after seeing the following sites shut-down by us :

These are only few of the sites, there are more thousands of them

You can check the rest of hacked site list here:

The reason for cyber attack on Indian Stock market website:
War is something we never wanted before, we don't want now, we won't even want it in the future. But it is for everyone to judge, weren't our backs against the wall?
Indian stock exchange sites were hacked because, after we put forward the demands, there was another death at the India-Bangladesh borders by BSF. These two videos had been posted in Youtube regarding this-

Bangladesh cyber army concluded that "We never wanted to do all these....We are not linked with any political entity or religious organization....We are just a group of people who want proper justice to be served."

Bangladesh Cyber Army request all media "Please do not post any news without being sure about them. Ask for evidence before posting them and judge them well. Only you can present our messages to the Government. So, please, help us stop border killing by supporting us."

We are Bangladesh Cyber Army.
United as a single ONE,
Divided by Zero.
Don't expect forgiveness,
Don't expect to be forgotten.
India, Here we come. taken down by Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers(BBHH)

We are not sure whether it is fourth or fifth time, India's No. 1 Telecommunications Services Provider , BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd) website has been targeted by Hackers. 

In past Pakistani hackers defaced the main page of BSNL website , also leaked customers details in public. Now Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers attacked the BSNL website with Distributed denial of service attack(DDOS).

The media report says, the website is not available for few days.  Today, When we try to load the site , it took long time and finally says 'the webpage is not available' ,which may suggest that officials take the site offline for patching the vulnerability.

Bangladeshi Hackers take down lot of Indian website in ongoing cyberwar against India including Indian stock Market ,NDTV and some other high profile sites.

Indian Stock Market under massive cyber attack by Bangladesh cyber army

Protesting the killing of another innocent Bangladeshi citizen, Bangladesh Cyber Army released a Youtube video mentioning their next attack would be on Indian Stock Market. The news about the previous video can be found here-

Just as said, Bangladesh Cyber Army has attacked Indian Stock Market sites. 3 websites were attacked. The sites are-

The websites were down during the peak hour. So all types of online transaction was off. The sites faced DDoS attacks and were down for around 10 hours. This caused a huge amount of loss in the financial sector of India. The amount of loss may reach millions of rupees as well.

Bangladesh Cyber Army mentioned that they are still not done. They will continue their attacks if BSF does not stop their brutality over innocent Bangladeshi citizens. They also mentioned that these high-profile sites will suffer continuous attacks if the points mentioned by them are not accepted. Bangladesh Cyber Army has released another video in Youtube regarding this which can be seen here-

Indian Stock Market will be the next target says Bangladesh Cyber Army(BCA)

Bangladesh Cyber Army has released another video message in Youtube related to the ongoing cyber war. This message came of with a clear threat. As mentioned in the video, the next attack would be over Indian stock market. and has already gone down after attacks from Bangladesh Cyber Army. These sites being down are causing losses which may range in millions as well.

The video mentioned the reason to be the killing another of innocent Bangladeshi citizens in the Bangladesh-India border zone yesterday. In the last 3-4 days, a huge number of Indian sites fell victim to hacking attacks of Bangladesh Cyber Army. Two other groups, Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers and 3xp1r3 Cyber Army were also involved in the attacks. Besides, they also have supports from Pakistani hackers, Indonesian hackers, Chinese hackers and even Anonymous India.

The video also shows DDoS attacks on a number of Indian Government websites by Bangladesh Cyber Army. The list of hacked sites will be updated frequently.

Here is the video :

More Indian sites hit by Bangladesh Cyber Army

It seems like Indian websites under a big cyber attack, Bangladeshi Hackers come with more list of hacked sites.

They hacked large number of high profile sites including TV channel,News media,IT,hospital,University .

Sri Sri University,Lights Studio, Netvisionnews,Southwest Minnesota State UniversitySagar Institute of Science & Technology (SISTec) and other sites hacked by BCA.

Also hackers leaked the database details belong to National Website of Income Tax Department of India( in pastebin.
Pastebin Link:

Bangladesh Cyber Army (BCA) send a message to Indian Government

The news of Cyber war between India and Bangladesh spreads like a wildfire everywhere in the internet.  The cyber war has been started after Ashell ,Indishell team, announced the cyber war.

Indishell hackers started the attack with small amount of defacements.  Following that attack, Bangladeshi hackers have hacked Thousands of Indian websites including some high profile and Government sites.

Today, Bangladesh Cyber Army issued a warning message to Indian government, they published a video on YouTube.

Hackers demanded the following:
1. Stop hacking Bangladeshi websites and stop all types of access to Bangladeshi Cyber Space completely...
2. Stop killing innocent Bangladeshi citizens at BD-India borders...
3. Stop Tipaimukh Dam...
4. Sign the "Teesta Water Sharing Treaty"...
5.Either stop broadcasting of Indian Media in Bangladesh or let Bangladeshi Media enter India...
6. Stop all Anti-Bangladesh activities of BSF and punish all offenders for their deeds against Bangladesh...
7. Last but not the least, India has to stop all activities which go against Bangladesh in any possible way.

"If these points are not accepted, our next attacks will be much bigger. You might think we are done, but this is just the beginning. Our next targets will be Indian Financial System, Communication System and IT Sector and Stock Exchange and we promise, those sites will be destroyed." BCA said.

1000s of Indian sites Hacked by Bangladeshi hackers - Cyber War

Cyber war between Bangladeshi and Indian hackers was started two days back.  Bangladeshi hackers keep attacking Indian cyber space.

Indishell started the war by hacking around six Bangladeshi websites. Following
that incident Bangladeshi hacker start to give payback and hacked over 500 Indian sites. Today they add some more sites to the list. So far they hacked thousands of Indian sites as part of cyber war.

They hacked several high profile and Indian government sites including All India Radio Allahabad, Set India, Reserve Bank of India(RBI), and National Informatics Centre (NIC) Of India,Highway Police Maharashtra State.

Two Tigers fighting between them, do you know what is the result? Only Innocent website owners from both side are going to suffer. 

Cyber war between India And Bangladesh Hackers : 6 Bangladeshi sites hacked

Yesterday, Ashell From Indishell Indian Hackers group announced Cyberwar against Bangladeshi websites. All Indian hackers have joined together to launch cyberwar against Bangaldesh websites.

In past, Indian Hackers group send friendly request to Bangladeshi Hackers to stop defacing Indian sites. It seems to be that they haven't accept the request, they keep defacing the Indian sites.  So Indian hackers retaliate by defacing the Bangladeshi websites.

List of Bangladeshi sites hacked by Indishell:

Message from hackers:

"Bangladesh Under Indishell Attack ... U guys left no other option
here we come .... Destroyed
We r not the Hxors nor the Destroyers
We are The shells protecting our Indian Cyber Space
.........Destroyed By Ash3ll ........."
Following this incident, Bangladeshi hackers group bbhh also said that they are ready for the game.  They published a video on youtube and named the operation as #Op-India. It seems to be that they steal the anonymous video and modified it.

So what is going to happen? Only Innocent website owners is going to suffer as the result of cyberwar.

50+ South African Websites Hacked and defaced By JingoBD (BCA)

Hackers Group "Bangladesh Cyber Army(BCA)" hacked more than South African website and defaced them.

Few Hacked sites:

The full List is here:

600+ Websites Hacked bY Ang3L_BD ~ Bangladesh Cyber Army

A Hackers named as "Ang3L_BD", member of Bangladesh Cyber Army group Hacked 600 websites and defaced them. He list out the hacked sites in pastebin.

Hacked sites:

The full list here:

200+ websites Hacked by Bangladesh Cyber Army

Bangaldesh Cyber Army Hacked 205 websites and published the list of hacked sites in Pastebin.  They defaced the suspendedpage.cgi page in all websites. 

Hacked sites:

Full list is here:

40 Chinese Government websites Hacked by Powerin10

A Hacker named as "Powerin10" targeted Chinese Government websites and defaced them. The hacker just upload the powerin10.html defacement file.

Some of Hacked site:

The full list is Here: