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20+ Srilankan Government sites hacked by Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers

More than 20 Government websites of Sri Lanka has been breached and defaced by Bangladeshi hacker group called "Bangladesh Grey hat hackers(BGHH)".

"Some so called hacker from sri-lanka challenged us that Their countries gov site is too much secured & unbreachable" The hacker said in the statement.

The hacker claimed that they defaced 22 government websites to prove them that " No system is Secured from us".

I agree with what BGHH said, you can't assure that system is 100% secure. That's why i usually say "System is 99% secure but hackers always have interest in the 1% vulnerability".

In their statement, the hackers urge Government of Sri-Lanka to increase the security of their site.

At the time of writing, all websites are re-stored by the admin .  The defacement has been mirrored on December 27. 

The list of hacked sites:

OpIsrael:20 Israeli website's Hacked by Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers

 The hackers from the Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers collective have breached and defaced more than 20 Israeli websites.

“How's feeling guys? Remember our name? We are Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers. We will make your life hell. You have no rights in the cyber space & in the world. You guys are nothing more than a cancerous tumor. We will hit you again & again & again.” The hacker said in the statement.

Last month, they hacked into more than 50 Israeli websites and defaced them with same message.

At the time of writing, most of the sites are not restored.  The list of hacked sites has been listed here: