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Avast Introduces Avast Bug Bounty Program

It seems like the security company Avast is attracted by the Bug Bounty Programs. Today, Avast officially announced the Bug Bounty program.

Bug Bounty program is the place where Security researchers love to find vulnerabilities in target website or Software and get rewarded for their findings.

"As a security company, we very much realize that security bugs in software are reality." The official blog post reads ." But we also realize that companies that are able to use their user communities to find and fix bugs are generally more successful [than] those that don’t. "

Avast claims that their firm is the first Security vendor  with a reward program.

The company is only interested in the following types of bugs :Remote code execution, Local privilege escalation , Denial-of-service (DoS), Escapes from the avast! Sandbox(via bugs in code), Other bugs with serious security implications.

The base payment is $200 per bug. Depending on the criticality of the bug , the bounty will go much higher. Remote code execution bugs will pay at least $3,000 – $5,000 or more.