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Philippines President site & other Government sites hacked by Anonymous Philippines

Anonymous Philippines has breached several Philippines Government websites including the official website of the Philippines President website.  The hackers managed to publish an article in the President website( with title "Anonymous Philippines" .

"Greetings, President Aquino! We have watched how you signed into law a bill that endangers and tramples upon the netizens’ freedom of speech and expression. Now, we are silent witnesses as to how you are mishandling the Sabah issue." The article published by the hackers reads.

"We did not engage the Malaysian hackers who invaded our cyberspace since we expected you to appropriately and judiciously act on the same, but you failed us. You did nothing while our fellow brothers are being butchered by the Malaysian forces, and while our women and children become subject of human rights abuses. If you can’t act on the issue as the Philippine President, at least do something as a fellow Filipino. We are watching."

The security breach was initially published by the Clifford Trigo in The PinoyTechNews and notified to EHN about the hack.

The hacker also defaced the following Government websites :

At the time of writing, all of the government websites still displays the defacement page except the President websites.  The article published in President website has been removed.

7 Philippines Govt. Sites hacked to protest against anti-hacking bill

The Hacker group called as "PrivateX",a coalition of local hacker groups HukbalaHack,Anonymous, PrivateX and Philkers, hacked Seven Philippines Government websites on Independence Day as a form of protest against new anti-cybercrime bill.

According to GMA News,The websites affected are the City Government of Mandaluyong's website (, the website of the Office of the Ombudsman (, the Philippine Anti-Piracy Team website (

Philippine Nuclear Research Institute website (, the National Food Authority website (, the Senate Electoral Tribunal website (, and a Department of Health website ( have also been breached.

Whenever user access above mentioned websites, the are redirected to a another page that has the defacement message of PrivateX.

The hacktivists fear that in its current form, the bill could be used as “a tool of censorship” which could pose a threat to freedom of expression.

"We're not against the government's intention to combat fraudulence, related forms of it and other serious cyber crimes, but we're absolutely against its provision that has something to do with the internet's freedom of expression (sic)," Hacker said in the defacement page.

Filipino hackers retailite by hacking more chinese sites : #cyberwar

The cyber war between hackers from China and the Philippines continues: Filipino hackers take down more chinese websites.

Hackers from "PrivateX" and"Anonymous#OccupyPhilippines" took down more Chinese government sites in retailation for hacking the website of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) .

List of hacked sites:

"We bow down to no enemyHold your line, stand your groundOne by one we'll take you down"The defacement message reads.

"You may continue bullying our country's waters but we will not tolerate you from intimidating our own cyber shores. Those defacements are just a mere response to what you have initially started. We are not trying to start anything. We are just trying to tell you that we do not want to be bullied in our own cyberspace too"

Anonymous Philippines fight back ,defaced Chinese websites

Filipino hactivists have hacked and defaced a number of Chinese websites in retaliation for the defacing of the University of the Philippines (UP) website.

"Anonymous #OccupyPhilippines" attacked the China University Media Union site, replacing its homepage content with a digitized image of a Guy Fawkes mask, which symbolizes global protest hacking group Anonymous. Their message: "Chinese government is clearly retarded. Scarborough Shoal is ours!"

The Asiaone reports that hackers broke into a Chinese government site,, and posted a map of the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

"You got fucked by the Philippines! Spratly Island Is OURS!," Hackers wrote.

Hackers also hacked the following Chinese sites:,,, and