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Aiplex India website taken down by Anonymous India

 Indian Anonymous hacktivists launched Distributed denial of service attack against Aiplex Software Pvt. Ltd.

Aiplex is a company based in Vijayanagar, Bangalore, India contracted by the MPAA to deliver copyright notices to websites that they deem violate copyright laws, and distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) to said sites if they fail to remove the offending content.

"We just showed Aiplex India is no one to to deliver copyright notices to websites. " Anonymous said in the twitter.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) website hacked by Anonymous Ops India

Anonymous India

The Hackers from Indian Anonymous group "AnonOpsIndia",break into the official website of Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP), last night.

They defaced the and posted a several messages with pictures, reflecting the group’s condemnation of recent events including the government’s approval of 51% FDI in multi-brand retail, diesel price hike, corruption, the cartoon controversy, and the Kudankulam Power Project, among others. The group also posted a Youtube video.

"Since many days we have been observing the deteriorating condition of Free Speech in India. And how the corrupt Indian government is trying to suppress every dissenting voice." hackers said in the video.

"Today, they talked about blocking Social Media for few days. Tomorrow ...... they will DO it. Once again the government is at its games trying to gag the social media which is the only remaining venue of free speech."

He added that every Indian "should go out and say (to the government) that I will not tolerate your misdoings anymore."

Anonymous asked people to stand up and participate in the #OccupyIndiaground protest, which starts 23rd September 2012 at India Gate, Delhi, Freedom Park, Bangalore, Marine Beach, Chennai, Park Street Crossing, Kolkata, MG Road, Pune and Subhash Park, Kochi.

"We are calling to the people of India to join the movement now. Time to start a mass movement to remove the corrupt politicians, and correct the system in a way where the people holds power and the representatives are puppets of the people which is opposite of what it is today," Hackers said in the defacement.

At the time of writing , the website has been recovered and back to online. site of India's Minister of Communications and IT hacked by Anonymous India

Anonymous India Hackers managed to break into the personal website of Kapil Sibal (, India’s Minister of Human Resource Development and Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

This time hackers did not deface the website; They have just published a number of screenshots on the social media website Facebook to demonstrate that they gained access to the site’s backend.

"we just wanna try this once without defacing and see the public's reaction :) .. dont worry I know that 'they' watch this page all the time" Hackers said in the Facebook comment.