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#OpEgypt : Multiple Egypt government sites ddosed by Anonymous

The Anonymous hacktivist has launched Distributed Denial of Service(DDOS) attack against Egypt Government site under the operation called "#OpEgypt" . The cyber attack against Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was decided last week.

In an online press release, Anonymous outlined its complaints against Morsi:

"To Dr. Morsi: Anonymous will not sit by and watch you washing away what thousands of Egyptians got killed and injured for. It’s your duty to listen to your own people.

The decisions you made have cause the death of 3 young Egyptians in addition to hundreds more injured. In addition, your organized propaganda is portraying your legitimate opposition as if they are opposing the revolution, which you are destroying. We challenge your propaganda machine.

"When you ignore this message, not only will we attack your organization’s websites, Anonymous will also make sure that you stand exposed against your people as well as the international community. Anonymous will not spare anybody who supports such crimes. " Anonymous said.

"It’s in your hands to stop this: continue hardening your head and you will be subject to civil protest - lend an ear to the claim of freedom from your people and the hostilities will cease."

The list Government sites taken down by Anonymous:


*Update 2*:

At the time of writing , we are not able to reach most of the websites. It seems like the hackers keep firing.

The Egyptian Presidency( website faces the heavy cyber attack and displays "Under construction"message.