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Once again, Kapil Sibal's official website hacked by Anonymous India

Indian Anonymous hacktivists

Once again, Indian Anonymous hacker group has breached the official website of India's Communication and Information Technology Minister Kapil Sibal(

On August 2012, they break into the website and published a number of screenshots on the social media website Facebook to demonstrate that they gained access to the site’s backend.

Now, they have defaced the website and left the following message:

Kapil Sibal is the world’s biggest retard. Born with a below 60 IQ he thought he could mess with the Internet and let the elite of his party suppress freedom of speech. Although a retard, he somehow formed the rules in such a way, that everyone can censor everyone there by hiding behind everyone to be able to censor when really hurt him and his party. Confusing isnt?

The hack was announced via the Anonymous India twitter account @opindia_revenge. The hackers said they hacked the website because "He (Sibal) had used the words 'Victims of freedom of Expression'. He is hiding the fact that #66A is breaking the internet media."

Besides the hack of Minister website, they have also hacked into the official website of Government of Mizoram, India and defaced the site with a protest message.