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#OpRollRedRoll: AnonAcid leaked records of 50,000 Steubenville, Ohio Citizens

A Hacker with Twitter handle AnonAcid has claimed to have leaked the records of more than Steubenville,Ohio residents as part of the operation called

The campaign has been launched after news broke out that authorities might be protecting members of the Steubenville football team accused of abusing a 15-year-old girl.

The hacker uploaded the dump in Mediafire.  According to his pastebin post, the leak contains address,emails,personal information,dates of births,current address,phone numbers,names,state,country,city,current location,firstname, lastname, middlename, many many more.

The hacker didn't mention the origin of the data .

"City Of Steubenville,Your justice system is broke and needs to be fixed maybe this might help a little. Bring justice to the girl who was raped " The hacker wrote in the post.

He also published a list of individuals suspected of being involved in the abuse and demands that they be sent to jail.