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About E Hacking News [EHN]:
E Hacking News[EHN] is recognized as one of the leading Information Security news portals.  EHN has 108,000+ fans on Facebook and over 101,000+ followers on Twitter(@EHackerNews).

EHN is focused on serving society by providing latest news updates and information on critical areas such as Security Breaches, Cyber Crime, Vulnerabilities, Cyber Security, Penetration Testing Tools and other similar relevant issues

The mission of EHN is to spread cyber security awareness.  EHN is specially dedicated to educating “Internauts” and assist them in a safe and secure use of Cyber Space.

Chief Executive Officer :
Ramkumar - Chief Executive Officer(CEO)
A veteran journalist with 30 years experience in media, Ram is zealous about the security of “Internauts” and closely supervises all aspects of EHN to ensure that its Mission is never compromised

Chief Operating Officer:
Suriya Prakash - Chief Operating Officer(COO)
Suriya contributes his very special cyber security technical skills and knowhow to EHN’s news collection and dissemination.    As head of the highly advanced Reeja Vajra cloud scanning technology platform of CSPF (CSPF is part of the wider EHN family), Suriya is ever alert to all the dirty tricks employed by criminal minded hackers .  He started his security career while at school and has been active in cyber security for more than ten years.  As a young 17 year old, he was listed on Facebook’s Hall Of Fame for discovering a critical vulnerability. Facebook also handsomely rewarded him with a bug bounty. Following this, the young Suriya was also interviewed by US media.

Sandhya Chauhan - Reporter
Sandhya is a 2019 batch Gold medallist from AUMP with Majors in Journalism and Mass Communication. A creative writer by profession and a voracious reader by passion, Sandhya is a Bibliophile and a blogger. She is at once both philosophical and factual, with a voice inside which is driven by optimism and wishes to bring a positive change in the world.

Medha - Reporter
An avid reader and writer, with a background in journalism and mass communication studies at Amity University. Medha draws her inspiration from what well known American author, columnist, journalist, and presidential speechwriter William Safire once said – “ I write because I enjoy expressing myself, and writing forces me to think more coherently than I do when just shooting off my mouth”.

Christina - Reporter (Post-Soviet states)
Christina  was born and raised in Russia. She hold a Master Degree with Honors in International Relations. Christina has multiple interests. Apart from cyber security, she is keen about teaching and physical education. Camping, hiking and cycling are other favourite acitivities.