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Russian expert told about the danger of using someone else's smartphone charging

Using someone else's or an unoriginal charger can damage the smartphone and lead to the loss of personal data

"Using someone else's charging can cause damage to the smartphone and give hackers access to your personal data and important financial information", says Mikhail Kogan, head of analytical research at the Higher School of Financial Management.

"Many technical experts advise using original chargers, rather than their cheap Chinese copies, which may differ in voltage, voltage range and frequency. A fake charger can not only provoke a fire hazard, but also disable the smartphone adapter or software that monitors the level of charge of the gadget," explains the expert.

Kogan noted that some adapters and cables have spyware that allows hackers to hack gadgets while charging. The hacking process is invisible, and the hacker can also destroy traces of remote presence.
Also, unoriginal charges can pose a completely different kind of danger. Just like public WiFi networks, chargers can become a gateway for hackers to access electronic gadgets.

Perhaps the highest chances of becoming a victim of a hacker attack are those who like to use public USB stations to recharge their phones, which can be manipulated by hackers unnoticed by the administrators of this place.

At the same time, the expert notes that you should not be paranoid and see a threat in lending your charger to friends or ask for a charger.

It is possible that in the future, all users will start to treat IT hygiene more carefully.

Earlier, E Hacking News reported that russian experts warn the danger of charging the phone in public places. Cybercriminals can download photos from victim's phones for blackmail or infect the device with a virus. Moreover, public charge stations can collect user data for further analysis and sale to advertisers.

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