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The Russian Embassy in Prague denied the statement of a Russian spy network in the Czech Republic

The Russian Embassy in Prague denied the statement of the head of the Czech Security and Information Service, Mikhail Koudelka, who announced the disclosure of the activities of the Russian spy network allegedly operating in the country.

On Monday, the head of the Czech Security Information Service (BIS), Mikhail Koudelka, said that his agency and the Czech police had exposed the activities of a Russian spy network, which operates through the Russian Embassy in Prague.

"This network was completely defeated and beheaded," said Koudelka during a speech in the Czech Parliament.

According to the head of BIS, this network "was created by people associated with the Russian intelligence services, and funded from Russia and the Russian Embassy."

Koudelka claims that members of the network planned attacks against targets in the Czech Republic and other countries via the Internet. He also said that this network was part of a larger structure created by Russia in other European countries. However, he did not name these countries.

Koudelka said that he could not provide any specific information, as the investigation is not yet complete. However, information about this attempted intervention could be included in the BIS annual report, which will be considered by a parliamentary Commission this Thursday, October 24.

Recall that for the first time the Czech Security Forces disclosed the activities of the cyber attack center in early 2018. According to an investigation, the two companies were formally engaged in the sale of computer hardware and software, but in reality their employees were also preparing hacker attacks using their computers. Part of the equipment for companies in the Czech Republic was brought from Russia and also through the diplomatic mission.

The investigation said that the hacker group included both Czechs and Russians who received Czech citizenship.

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