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Security fears over Russian aging app 'FaceApp'

The viral ‘FaceApp’ which predicts how you will look after 50 years, might be exposing users to its Russian developers. 

The security experts issued a warning of security concerns as the app was made in 2017. The app puts a filter over users face, as it has permanent access to your photos. 

According to the experts, the app doesn’t ask for access, store or use images from the user's camera roll. The app access photos without permission.

James Whatley, a strategist from Digitas, says: 'You grant FaceApp a perpetual, irrevocable... royalty-free... license to use, adapt, publish, distribute your user content... in all media formats... when you post or otherwise share.'

The app which is free service uses artificial intelligence to edit a picture and transforms the image into someone double or triple your age. 

FaceApp is currently one of the most downloaded apps for both iOS and Android, as #faceappchallenge posts have taken over social media.

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