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Dell Computers Compromised To Hackers; SupportAssist Software To Blame

Reportedly, a vulnerability in Dell’s SupportAssist application could be easily exploited by hackers via which they could access administrative privileges.

The said administrative privileges would then aid the hackers to execute malicious code and take over the users’ entire system.

The victims of this security error haven’t reached a definable number yet but as all the Dell PCs with the latest Windows have the SupportAssist software all of them are open to attacks.

Since the aforementioned application doesn’t come pre-installed the PCs bought without Windows in them are safe.

The software aids Dell automatic driver updates like debugging and diagnostics.

Furthermore, debugging tools happen to have clear access to device’s systems, so when hackers attack, they gain full control of the system itself.

The hackers first try to get the victim to access a malicious web page and later trick them into downloading SupportAssist.

Henceforth the malware starts to run on the system with all the administrative privileges gained by default.

When the victims are on public Wi-Fi or large enterprise networks that’s when they are the most vulnerable to such an attack.

Then on the attacker would launch an Address Resolution Protocol hoaxing attacks and providing hackers the access to legitimate IP addresses within the network.

DNS attacks are also a strong possibility because of the lack of security on the existing routers.

After a young security researcher alerted Dell about the security flaw, the organization has been working on a patch.

Until then it would be the best choice to simply uninstall the application from the device.

Hackers have already exploited this vulnerability and hacked into a few internal devices of Dell owing it to the SupportAssist.

Per sources, a patch has already been released for the issue which is the version of the SupportAssist application.

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