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IT Firm’s Directors Arrested In A Rs 3,000 Crore E-Tendering Scam

Three arrested in Madhya Pradesh’s Rs 3,000 crore e-tendering scam.

Officials of Osmo IT Solutions were arrested by the economic offenses wing (EOW) on Thursday; just a day after a FIR was lodged in the Rs 3,000-crore e-tendering case.

The police have arrested the firm's director's Vinay Choudhary and Varun Chaturvedi, along with the marketing head Sunil Golwalkar according to the EOW superintendent of police (Bhopal), Arun Mishra.

The case identifies with how a few firms purportedly illicitly figured out how to hack the e-procurement portal to see the e-tenders before the offer was to be opened and after that roll out the favourable changes in the bid.

Indeed, even after the inquiry was going on in the workplaces of Osmo in Man Sarovar Complex, Bhopal, Mishra said that the computer emergency response team report had called attention to altering in the e-tendering that had been done in the Osmo office.

 “They are in our custody and we are questioning them. We have also seized hard disks and analyzing the server data of the company,” he adds later.

EOW authorities said that in 2016, OSMO IT Solutions had been asked to organize a performance testing on for what reason the e-procurement portal was working so slowly. For that reason a "Demo department" was created in mid-2016 for preparing and practice for the department authorities and bidders.

Later when the scam broke, an internal inquiry by Madhya Pradesh state economic development corporation (MPSEDC), who facilitated the e-tendering portal, found that the user ID given to OSMO (PT_4) was utilized more than once to get to the e-procurement portal to change the 'tender document' and the CERT report checked that the progressions had been produced using the offices of OSMO.

 “We are contacting all the departments and taking data from MPSEDC. So far we had been investigating only nine tenders from five departments, but since we are sure that a crime has been committed, it is logical that we expand the ambit of our investigations and include all e-tenders floated so far,” said the officials.

In the FIR lodged yesterday, the cases had been enrolled against five departments and eight companies, which included OSMO IT Solutions.

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