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Data breach at University Of Alaska exposes personal information of students online

A Data breach incident at the University of Alaska  has compromised the personal information of students and other individuals. The university allegedly faced online data breach to its database which exposed several sensitive informations including personal information of teachers and other officials. The news came out in public after university disclosed the incident notice on their website.

In February 2018, some of the users of University’s website reported change of passwords and unauthorised access to their accounts, the University of Alaska started the investigation and later found out that their have been several incidences of data breach, exposing various personal informations of users.

According to an university investigating official “On or around March 28, 2018, the investigation determined that an unauthorized user also may have accessed certain email accounts between January 31, 2018, and February 15, 2018.”, he further added, “It may include an individual’s name, government issued identification number, date of birth, digital signature, driver’s license number, usernames and/or passwords, financial account numbers, health and/or health insurance information, passport number, and UA student identification number. For certain individuals, Social Security number may also have been present in the affected email accounts.”

After discovering the data breach incident, the University took action to prevent further damage, they took external experts to handle the investigation and are determined to find out the extent of the damage, They don’t have specific number of users affected by the incident.

There has been similar data breach incident earlier this month at Georgia Institute of Technology. Allegedly in the incident millions of records containing information of students and staff were exposed online.

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