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The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded an apologizy from an American journalist

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Russia believes that American journalists, who for two years unreasonably accused Russia of interfering in the US presidential election in 2016, should apologize to Russia. The representative of the MFA Maria Zakharova announced this it in the program "60 minutes" on the main Russian Federal channel.

In addition, Zakharova harshly criticized in her Facebook page the American journalist and political scientist Fareed Zakaria.

We are talking about a speech devoted to the conclusions of Special Prosecutor Muller, where Zakaria points to a number of facts showing the existence of a connection between Trump and the Kremlin. Maria Zakharova believes that Zakaria profaned the Russian, and the Americans once again faced with one-sided propaganda. Therefore, he must apologize to the two nations, not only to Trump.

According to the Russian diplomat, Zakaria and other journalists should first apologize to the Russians before again conducting broadcasts, laying out their forecasts and conclusions.

The diplomat added that Moscow intends to analyze quotes and clippings from programs in which the audience was convinced of Trump's connections with Russia. After that, the detected materials will be submitted to international organizations for investigation.

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