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Fresh e-mails have been floating around warning users to back their Google+ data up by April 2, 2019 before it gets deleted forever.

In October, last year last year as announced by Google the platform was planned to be shutting the aforementioned platform.

The reasons outlined were lack of usage, discovery of API bugs, leakage of information and later on discoveries of more bugs.

And as of a few days, Google+ started its email flotation to warn users to backup data and save it before it’s too late.

Per the mail, the shutting process would not in any way affect the other Google products including YouTube, Google Photos and Google Drive.

The following steps could be followed to go about the Backup:

1.     Go to the Google+ download page.

2.   By putting a check-mark on them select the data categories you want to save

3.   Click on “Next Step”.

4.   Mention how exactly you’d like to retrieve the archives, that is, via emails, links or would you want them saved in Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive.

5.    You could also decide how large you want those files to be.

6.   Once done, click “Create Archive” and Google will start to create an archive for you.

After following all of the above steps you’ll be presented with an archive with all your material saved in it in the form of HTML files and images respectively.

Also to be on the safer side, it’s highly advised by Google+ to start this process quickly and get it done by March 31, 2019.

This would only endure that the archive preparation is done in good time.

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