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US Pressures Its Allies against the Usage of Chinese Firm Huawei’s Technology; Suspects the Products to Spy on Other Countries

US pressures its allies to not use Chinese firm Huawei's technology to build new 5G networks as the officials are concerned that China could be using Huawei products to spy on other countries.

The US pressures its allies to not utilize Chinese firm Huawei's innovation to assemble the new 5G networks as its authorities are worried that China could be utilizing the Huawei products to spy on different nations.

"It's a hugely complex strategic challenge," said GCHQ chief Jeremy Fleming, all the while giving accentuation on the requirement for better cyber-security practices in the telecoms industry. In spite of the fact that the National Cyber Security Centre - some part of GCHQ - said a few weeks earlier that any hazard presented by the company could be overseen.

The vast majority of the UK's mobile companies, for instance Vodafone, EE and Three are known to have been working with Huawei on 5G, yet as of now they are anticipating the results of a government review, due in March or April, that will further choose to decide whether or not they'll be permitted to proceed with it.

An on-going report from the Royal United Services Institute said it would be "naive" and "irresponsible" to permit Huawei the access.

 “We have to understand the opportunities and threats from China's technological offer - understand the global nature of supply chains and service provision, irrespective of the flag of the supplier. Take a clear view on the implications of China's technological acquisition strategy in the West, and help our governments decide which parts of this expansion can be embraced, which need risk management, and which will always need a sovereign, or allied, solution." Said Fleming in his speech at an event in Singapore.

Focusing on the requirement for more grounded cyber-security over the telecoms sector, Fleming stated: "Vulnerabilities can and will be exploited. But networks should be designed in a way that cauterises the damage."

Since 5G is critical to the UK government therefore in order to guarantee that Britain stays competitive as a country, as per Gartner senior research director Sylvain Fabre, “They are reviewing the situation, in a way that hasn't been done in the past, but it sounds like all options are still on the table," he told the BBC.

Meanwhile the US is seeking after criminal allegations against Huawei and its CFO, Meng Wanzhou. Talking at a round table at Portable World Congress in Barcelona on the 24th of February, Huawei's rotating chairman, Guo Ping, says that,

"Huawei needs to abide by Chinese laws and also by the laws outside China if we operate in those countries. Huawei will never, and dare not, and cannot violate any rules and regulations in the countries where we operate."

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