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Cyber-attacks Apparently Can Cause Greater Destruction than Physical Terrorist Attacks

Ideological cyberattacks now outpacing physical attacks.

Top researchers from the Michigan State University recently conducted a study focusing on 'Terrorism and Political Violence' while publishing a journal on the same and found that Cyber terrorism has, with the evolution in time just as innovation, outpaced physical attacks.

Professor Thomas Holt, from the Michigan State University says that,”Little work has been done around the use of the internet as an attack space. These attacks are happening and they're been continuously overlooked. If we don't get a handle understanding them now, we won't fully understand the scope of the threats today and how to prevent larger mobilization efforts in the future."

Holt broke down the extension, development and the effect of ideological cyber terrorist incidents, so as to comprehend these attacks, from far-left groups, like the Animal Liberation Front, Earth Liberation Front and many similar ones.

Now while these groups would prefer fundamentally not to physically hurt people; rather, they are roused by animal and environmental activism and feel enthusiastic and passionate when it comes to attacking companies, organizations and government entities that go against their convictions.

 “While we can’t speculate as to why physical attacks have declined, we believe that the cyber component increased because these attacks generate an economic and emotional impact, draw attention to their cause from the public and may be less likely to lead to arrest”, he adds further.

As Holt's research additionally analysed the physical and cyber terror attacks thusly committed by these far-left groups in the US, UK and Canada somewhere between 2000 and 2015 he states that despite the fact that these groups may strike locally, their harm on the web can be 'widespread' and simultaneously a hazard for organizations and consumers alike.

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