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Scam Alert: Emails Citing You’ve Won A BMW M24oi

There is a fresh scam in the market. Beware of emails citing that you’ve won a BMW lottery and acquired a BMW 2 series M24oi in this holiday season. These scams as per usual are after your personal data and credentials.

What seems to be like a whole new scamming campaign is actually trying to lure users into believing that they have won a lottery and as the prize they have won a BMW 2 series M24oi.

According to a reputed source the e-mails could have phrases and sentences like, “Hurry claim the prize” or “Claim your car and check with your winning code.” The contents of the e-mail are as follows:-

“Your e-mail has been selected for a prize of a brand new 2018 BMW 2 Series M24oi xDrive and a cheque of $1,500,000.00 USD from the international balloting programs held in USA but the WINNING IS FOR EVERYBODY CONTACTED AS A WINNER IN ANY PART OF THE WORLD. Contact the claims agents with the code BMW:2541256004/25 and your Delivery Details (full name, address of delivery and mobile number) to claim your prize.
This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by MailScanner, and is believed to be clean.”

The moment the receiver falls into the trap by sending the attacker their information, the cyber-con behind the scam is quite likely to as for more information including social security numbers and other sort of confidential information.

Later, the harvested information would be used to operate an identity theft in order to attain access to the receiver’s financial as well as personal accounts.

The only way to save your own self from falling into the entrapment of such scams is to delete the e-mails as soon as they are received. Or you might end up paying heavily.

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