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Facebook Sharer Page: A Contrivance Of Tech Scammers!

As per recent reports the Facebook sharer dialog box is being used as a tool by the tech-scammers. Facebook users are tricked into thinking that their PC is under some serious attack and that they need to call on the numbers provided immediately which in turn takes them towards a shady plot.

This concerned sharer dialog appears when the user feels like sharing something on and via Facebook. The masterminds fabricate a URL such as https://www, and then put with it the page they would want to share.

The URL mentioned above is delegated to a particular button or link on the publisher’s site, so that when that button is clicked, the required Facebook’s share page pops up imploring the publisher to share it.

The scam-cons are working on redirecting the users to that very Facebook’s sharer page and to accomplish this they are making use of minimum quality ad networks.

The “Share on Facebook” dialog shows up once the user is logged into the social media platform exhibiting an alarming alert that their PC is under attack or some major cyber trouble.

The warning is so seriously put as to make the users think that some suspicious activity’s been registered and that their account could be hacked into.

This warning is shown only so that the user could be tricked into calling what the he thinks is the “Facebook Support Team” which in reality is nothing but a SHAM!

Because when the numbers provided are called on, the user is immediately connected to a foreigner pretending to be a part of the “Support Team from Facebook”. That person would then ask the user’s permission to take over their PC in order to fix the issues.

Supposedly, as researchers say, the foreigner would further ask the user to buy certain sketchy software or services.

With Scam-cons advancing to such innovative tricks it is highly advised to check the legitimacy of numbers or warnings available on the internet before dialing them up or taking them seriously. 

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