Are Imaging Machines Hindering Cyber-Security?

Are Medical Imaging Machines Hindering Cyber-Security?

The health industry needs to be on a deliberate lookout because the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence’s Healthcare Sector Community of Interest recently drove a project according to which there exists a huge cyber-security threat related with medical imaging devices. 

In accordance with this issue, the NCCoE is all set to amalgamate with a few valued cyber-security purveyors to ensure the matter is appropriately dealt with.

The reports have it that along with the usual exposure to radiation and panic attacks the high power-driven radiology devices have more to be blamed for.

The MRI tunnel, the CT scan equipment, and other such diagnostic imaging devices are putting the patient into a whole another dimension of cyber-danger which is surely unanticipated.

The PACS, “Picture Archiving and Communication Systems” are a potential medical device ecosystem which is to be developed by NCCoE along with a reputed security vendor in upcoming times which would act as a way out from this problem of insecure imaging by medical devices.

The devices that deliver competencies like displaying, storing, transfer and digitally processing medical images are termed as Class II devices.

PACS would create a management of work-flow between the patient and the doctor and make available diagnostic results that regulate the patient’s upcoming way of treatment.


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