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Several countries have simultaneously accused Russian hackers of cyber attacks - Opinion from the Russian Press

Last Thursday the Minister of Defense of the Netherlands, Ank Bijleveld, announced that the Intelligence Services had prevented a cyber attack on the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which was planned and carried out by Russian hackers.

The United States accused seven officers of the Russian Special Services of cyber attacks in espionage. And they also confirmed the information that it was Russian hackers who attacked OPCW. In addition, according to the US Government, hackers planned after OPCW "operation" to attack a chemical laboratory in Switzerland.

The German government, following other Western countries, accused GRU of Russia of involvement in large-scale cyber attacks. According to the Speaker of the German Government, Steffen Seibert, the Russian Special Service GRU is behind the hacker group APT28 (Fancy Bear - Ed.).

Moscow denies all accusations.

“The West has decided to move from the Skripals poisoning to the Russian hackers, since it’s easier to blame Russia without facts and evidence,” said Anatolii Sautin, Deputy Head of the Cyber Security Agency.

According to the Expert, the majority of Westerners do not believe in involvement in the incident of the mythical "GRU". For this reason, the West decided to fabricate a new case. The main task of the case of "Russian hackers", in his opinion, is not proof of the guilt of the Russian Federation, but the fact of the accusation.

The task of the West is to blame Russian politicians, officials and wait for them to make a mistake, say something for which Western politicians will be able to blame them.That is, as investigators say, "to go ahead with the case". In fact, there is no evidence, but there are lots of papers, examinations, indirect evidence.There is nothing meaningful – but there is a large volume," the expert said.
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