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Russia responded to the US Justice Ministry's accusations of interference in the upcoming elections

On October 19, the U.S. Justice Department has accused a Russian woman Elena Husyainova of interference in the political system of the United States, specifically in midterm elections, which will take place in November. The 44-year-old Russian woman worked as a chief accountant in company Project Lakhta and was responsible for financing the "promotion of news in social networks". The Ministry of Justice said that the money came from the Russian businessman Evgenii Prigozhin, who was previously also accused of interference in the presidential elections of 2016.

Sergei Ryabkov, Deputy Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that this is an attempt to create a pretext for the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. He also called Washington's actions a "slanderous campaign" and noted that some American politicians want to gain an advantage in the election race, using the theme of Russian intervention.

"The US is clearly overestimating its own capabilities. Demonstrating hostility to Russia and contemptuously treating the whole world, they will only receive an increasingly harsh reaction," said Sergei Ryabkov.

The Russian Embassy in Washington also noted that there is no evidence of Husyainova's guilt. The diplomats stressed that the upcoming elections are a convenient excuse for further aggressive actions against Moscow. Experts believe that statements about Russian hackers will continue to sound at any outcome of the American elections.

Konstantin Kosachev, the Head of the International Committee of the Federation Council, is convinced that any Russian who writes in social networks something critical about the United States, may be under threat.

"I want the obscurantism, associated with the alleged interference of Russia in some kind of election campaign in the United States, will finish. So, finally American elites will calm down and sort out the relationship between them," - said Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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