Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor will now tell when your email was hacked

Mozilla has finally launched Firefox Monitor, a website that connects to the TroyHun’s Have I Been Pwned? (HIBP), one of the biggest breach notification databases which can be used to check in an email address for known breaches or also can be used to register for a breach notification so that if the address is detected in the future breaches are logged by HIBP.

Earlier this year, Mozilla announced Firefox Monitor, a service that tells you if your online accounts were hacked in a recent data breach. All you have to give it is your email address and it’ll use the Have I Been Pwned database to show you if you need to worry and what data was compromised. Mozilla is taking this a step further by also letting you sign up for alerts for when your accounts appear in any (known) breaches in the future.

We often get the massive data breach news where millions of accounts get compromised along with their email addresses and passwords. However, we can never know if our email addresses or any other personal details were a part of that breach or not. It is practically not possible to check for a single email address amongst the millions of email addresses compromised.

There are many advantages of using the Firefox monitor as the connection of HIBP website brand being used in conjunction with the Firefox name will allow them to grow significantly and therefore will also help to promote the breach checking. This, in turn, will help the users of HIBP as the increased notifications from many users will increase the chances of the major advanced breach detection as it helps the users know before even the company knows that it has been breached.

When it first launched, Mozilla considered Firefox Monitor an experimental service. Now, it’s being launched as an official service.

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