Hacker sentenced to 2 years in prison for Cryptojacking

The Ukrainian hacker modified the software and as a result sold the malicious program for cryptocurrency mining.

As it became known, the hacker was engaged in illegal activities and deceived not only ordinary citizens, but also another hacker since July 2017.

The hacker is an unemployed resident of Luhansk region, Ukraine. Basically, he posted the infected file on hacker forums under the guise of an program for creation and development of malicious software. However, in fact, he spread the helpful program for hackers on the Internet with hidden harmful software for Cryptojacking.

The hacker is said to be earned money till March this year! In August, he created another special program with hidden malware. But at that time he posted information about it on another social resource YouTube and said also that it is program for creation malicious software.

In addition, it turned out that the man also sold his "special program with a surprise" via Skype.

On July 13, the man fully admitted his guilt. He was sentenced to 2 years imprisonments. He should also cover the cost of examination (720 $).


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