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Criminal Case Filed Against Hackers For Hacking Koltsovo Airport Database And Stealing Money From Banks

Two residents of the city Yekaterinburg are in custody for stealing money from several bank accounts and hacking into Database of Koltsovo international airport(Yekaterinburg, Russia).

Authorities found out that Cyber criminals Konstantin Melnik and Igor Makovkin created a virus through which they got access to the accounts of Bank customers.

Hackers stole 1.2 billion rubles (about 18 million USD) from their cards. In addition, hackers infected the computers of Yekaterinburg airport "Koltsovo" with malicious programs and got access to the air harbor database. The airport could not say the amount of the company's losses.

It is important to note that the hacker group was called Lurk and consisted of 24 members. Igor is one of the organizers, and Konstantin is his active participant.

The group of hackers successfully worked for five years, as it was difficult to detect the virus. The virus was self-removing and left no traces after gaining access to the accounts.

Specialists of Kaspersky Lab helped to find cyber criminals. They identified the virus in corporate networks with Sberbank's programmers.

According to some sources, the hacker group Lurk probably stole more than 124 million rubles (about 1.9 million USD) from the Bank accounts of members of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, holding senior positions in the party.

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