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Ukraine Police Detain Hacker Who Distributed A Crypto-Mining Malware

On 18 July, the Investigation Department and the Cyber Police of the Lugansk region detained a resident of Rubezhny (Ukraine), who created a Crypto-mining malware and distributed it in Internet.

The hacker is only 20 years old, however, he is well versed in computer programming and development. So these skills helped him create malicious software.

The young man began his activity in 2017 distributing malicious programs in Internet. He sold hidden Miner and Stealer on a hacker forum. His main goal was to mine crypto currency "Monero" (XMR). This crypto currency has its nominal value in case of exchange it for the national currency of Ukraine or for the national currency of another State.

The computer equipment, various media, many special programs for hacking email boxes and for searching vulnerabilities of web sites, text documents with stolen logins and passwords, log files from malicious software were found and seized during a search of a hacker's house.

In accordance with the Penal Code of Ukraine the offender can be sentenced to imprisonment for at most five years with confiscation of software.

- Christina
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