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Bengaluru Techie Blackmailed To Transfer $2,200 through Bitcoin

A hacker claimed he’d used a techie’s webcam to record his private moments and blackmailed him.

In Bengaluru, a hacker claimed he'd utilized a techie's webcam to record his private moments and coerced him, thusly threatening him to transfer $2,200 through bitcoin. Rajesh (name changed), a techie in a multinational software organization on Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, received an email which further instructed him to transfer the said amount.

The mail was sent by the hacker,the handle being  'Coy Lynch'  and the mail id as ''.

The hacker asserted he had placed malware on specific sites that Rajesh used to visit and had hacked into his camera, hence recording him. The blackmailer even debilitated to destroy him by sending the recorded footage to every one of those on Rajesh's contact list and relatives on the off chance that he refused to do what was asked of him.

Rajesh told STOI, “I checked whether my contact details or personal information was breached. I found that my personal account information was breached from nine sources, including three verified sources. I’m sure he doesn’t have any private video of mine but it’s possible to do it. This has been reported elsewhere. It’s happening here now — blackmail and extortion has started by compromising password.”

Luckily, Rajesh posted a copy of the mail on the Facebook page of Bengaluru police, who are yet to make progress for this case, yet despite everything they haven't discounted the mind-games played by online fraudsters to coerce cash by asserting to have taken control of the victim's laptops or cell phones by utilizing malware.

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