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Hackers Target Travel Firm to Plunder Hundreds of Thousands from Clients

Hackers target in criminal bid to steal hundreds of thousands from customers

The Cyber criminals have now targeted a travel firm in an offer to plunder hundreds and thousands of pounds from clients.

The clients were sent WhatsApp and text messages asserting a security break that implied that they needed to change their password.

Be that as it may, the link gave the attackers access to the bookings and they at that point, sent follow-up messages requesting full installment for holidays ahead of time with false bank details provided.

David Watts, the Marketing manager of Newcastle, got a WhatsApp message but realized it as a trick. He stated: "It looked exceptionally reasonable and I can now believe how people fell for it."

These seemed bona fide as they incorporated personal information of individuals  including their names, addresses, telephone numbers, dates and booking prices as well as reference numbers.

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