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Spotify warns users using hacked apps to access premium for free

Spotify warns users who are using modified or unauthorised apps to access premium features for free.
Spotify, the online music streaming service that had only just filed for an initial public offering (IPO) for later this month, is now cracking down on users who are using unauthorised or modified versions of the Spotify app to access Premium features for free.

These hacked apps allow freeloaders to skip songs indefinitely and enjoy ad-free streaming — features that are only available for premium users.

The free version of Spotify has certain restrictions such as advertisements, shuffle-only play, skipping restrictions, and such that encourage users to buy premium. These modified versions of Spotify make premium redundant by letting users enjoy unrestricted streaming with the help of installation files that can be downloaded alongside the app.

Spotify is sending an email to users in whose accounts they identify any “abnormal activity” and warn that future breaches could result in suspension or even termination of their Spotify account.

According to the email, to regain access to their account, a user has to simply uninstall the hacked or modified Spotify app and redownload the official app from Google Play Store.

It has not been revealed how many users reportedly use these versions to enjoy restriction-free streaming for free. According to figures released by the company in December, the service itself is used by more than 159 users around the world — 88 million of which are users of the free tier of Spotify.

Considering the company’s current losses, it is not surprising that they are finally addressing the issue.
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