Hackers hacked servers of Olympic organizers during opening ceremony

Olympic organizers servers were hacked during the opening ceremony on Feb. 9, as a result, their TVs at the main press center malfunctioned.

According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap News, the organizers briefly shut down their own servers which temporarily closed down the official website of the 2018 winter Olympic games.

Investigations are still in process, and not much is known about the individual or individuals behind the attack. However, we cannot decline that the Olympics are a prime target for hackers around the world.

In January only, cybersecurity firm McAfee published a report in which it disclosed that there are many existing campaigns which aim to target the  Olympic-affiliated organizations.

"With the upcoming Olympics, we expect to see an increase in cyber attacks using Olympics-related themes," the company explained in its report. "In similar past cases, the victims were targeted for their passwords and financial information. In this case, the adversary is targeting the organizations involved in the Winter Olympics by using several techniques to make it more tempting to open the weaponized document."

But cyber attacks on international events have become common.

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