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Games removed from Google Play store after infected by porn malware

Google has deleted nearly 60 games app from its Play store after security researchers have informed them that these apps were infected by a pornographic malware.

An Israel-based firm, Check Point Software Technologies has recently got a hold on a malware dubbed as “AdultSwine,” which displayed pornographic images as an advertisement, but it prompted users to download fake antivirus apps or sign up for premium SMS services.

The Google acted immediately on the complaints and removed all the infected apps out of Google Play Store.

“We have removed the apps from Play, disabled the developers’ accounts and will continue to show strong warnings to anyone that has installed them. We appreciate Check Point’s work to help keep users safe,” Google was quoted as saying.

The security firm has warned that AdultSwine can hit back, and everyone should remain extra cautious while downloading apps for children.  

“‘AdultSwine’ and other similar malware will likely be continually repeated and imitated by hackers,” Check Point told CNBC. “Users should be extra vigilant when installing apps, particularly those intended for use by children.”

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