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Security Flaw in Nordstrom Gift Cards Revealed by Security Expert

Security flaw in Nordstrom gift cards that lets hackers drain the money from card.
Cybersecurity expert Jim Stickley has found a flaw in the Nordstrom gift cards that allows hackers to drain money from the card by pulling the pins from the website.

He demonstrated the same in an interview with TODAY by hacking a $50 gift card from Nordstrom.

According to Stickley, the Nordstrom cards have shorter PINs and had no protection from bots, which has made this method of hacking possible. He added that this was the reason why Nordstrom cards are especially susceptible to hacking.

The flaw has since been fixed after NBC News brought it to the retailer’s attention.

“Our customers are always our top priority, and if we learn they were negatively impacted by an issue with our gift card systems, we'd work quickly to take care of them,” the company said. “We have a number of gift card security controls in place, and a team of experts that regularly test, review and enhance those controls."

According to National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend more than $27.6 million on gift cards this year.
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