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Political unrest in SE Asia fertile ground for cyber hackers

An escalating strife and skirmish in the south-east Asian political landscape have given an unabetted passage for the cyber hacking forces to operate without any hindrance which will not die down in near future if the cybersecurity agencies are to be believed.

The imminent target for this global gang of cybercriminals is India and Hong Kong apart from South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philipines, said FireEye, a cybersecurity agency which has called it a huge threat to Chinese hegemony in the market economy.

Since there is no specific standard of measurement at hand to get wind of the cybersecurity threats and the mode of operation, the experts talk of the different nature of the business, data, and relationships one holds. The cyber agencies, mostly, has little knowledge or inputs about the impending attacks since they are not fully secured.

Some experts talk of the threats just in the run-up to the elections if one goes by what took place in the US and the same threat echoes in democratic systems. They are of the view that only alertness on even a simple threat would be of a huge help to get rid of it.More threats await India in 2018 I view of an increased activity of the non-Russian and non-Chinese gang of cyber hackers in 2017.

The mechanism devised to counter the threat in 2018 is believed to have been slow to discover capable system in the form of ravaging wipers and worms. This is also expected to boost up the Cloud technology in 2018. These schemes of things have resulted in a soaring value and popularity in cryptocurrency. Malware will have a slice of benefit which is going to increase in 2018.

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