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What else You expect from Apple? Apple Slowing iPhones Because of Old Batteries

Apple has publically apologized to its customers for slowing older iPhones in order to keep up with declining battery life. After all this fiasco, the company has said that they would reduce the price of batteries of the affected phones to from $79 to $29.
In their initial apology letter, the firm said that the batteries would be available in late January, but an updated apology says the batteries will be available now. 

The company told The Verge in a statement that “we expected to need more time to be ready, but we are happy to offer our customers the lower pricing right away.” 

“Initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited.” They will soon update the details on

In a rare public apology on its website on Thursday, Apple clarified that the reason behind slowing down the software  was to protect phones with older batteries from sudden crashdown and customers can now replace their batteries at the reduced price.
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