₹79 lakh online fraud to withdraw ₹49 in over 1.5 lakh transactions

A gang from Jharkhand, responsible for fraud of over ₹79 lakh, was busted on Friday for hacking over 2,020 accounts of State Bank of Mysore (SBM) customers last year.

The gang was led by a 19-year-old school dropout. Suraj Mohali, the accused perpetrator, has now been arrested along with three others for hacking and withdrawing ₹49 from the savings bank accounts and Mastercard holders of SBM in Bengaluru, Sringeri, Mangaluru, and Tirthahalli.

The gang made as much as 1.56 lakh transactions, withdrawing over ₹79 lakh in a few hours.

Then they diverted this money into different bank accounts using fake documents and used some of the cash to recharge mobile phones, which led to the cyber police tracking them down and arresting them.

The gang is allegedly a part of a much larger network operating in Jharkhand.

The mastermind behind this network is yet to be identified, but would allegedly give them the details of various bank accounts and instruct them to withdraw only ₹49 from each account.

The Inspector-General of Police, Chandrashekhar said, “We cracked the case after tracking the accused for over a year. We are questioning them to know more about the racket.” The accused and his accomplices have been brought to Bengaluru for questioning.

It has reportedly been found during the investigation that many youths from Jharkhand are trained and involved in online fraud throughout the country.
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