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Norway back to Manual Counting in Parliamentary elections

Polls for the Parliament elections in Norway held on Monday,the results of the polls are expected after Tuesday . Amidst all the hacking threats internationally , the Norwegian government decided to counter check poll results manually along with the computer.

The Police Security Service (PST) and the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) along  with the Directorate of Elections made risk analysis, According to the reports from that assessment there were no alleged hacking attempts to the election systems,however considering hacking threats across both domestically and internationally, the Norwegian government decided to go for old paper counting method.

Norway is the second country in Europe to go back to old manual counting, Netherland was the first
country in Europe  to go back to manual counting back in March after security experts and hackers
claimed Dutch electoral security systems to be weak.One hacker claimed iPad security to be better than the Dutch electoral system.

Minister of Local Government and modernization, Jan Tore Sanner, said that the security measures for the computer systems will be improved. "Security and trust are vital to the conduct of elections. We shall not be naive, nor allow for any uncertainty around the security of Norwegian elections. The voters will rest assured that the election results are accurate. After new threat assessments undertaken in collaboration with the NSM and PST, we have decided to initiate additional security measures" , says Sanner.

This year various institutions in Norway,including Foreign Ministry,Police Security, parliament members from the Labour party, have been targeted by the hackers.The hacking attempt was traced to a Russian  Security service FSB  named by  Cozy bear. The accused group was linked with the hacking of US election campaign.

Along with national parliament elections, Norway also held elections to the Sámi parliament on Monday. Almost 17,000 people were supposed to vote for the Sami parliament.


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