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Home Minister Rajnath Singh checks cyber security measures

In view of increasing cyber attacks on government agencies specially on financial institutions, home minister Rajnath Singh asked agencies on Tuesday to keep check on cyber menace and strengthen surveillance and legal structure for to fight against cyber crimes.

On Tuesday a high level meeting was organised for discussion on strategies to be adopted for checking financial cybercrimes. The meeting was  attended by representatives of various government agencies and the Home minister.

The meeting highlighted the steps to be taken to curb increasing trend of cyber crime in the financial sector. it was concluded that both technological and legal steps are needed to fight cyber attacks.

“It has been decided to expedite the implementation of cyber crime prevention initiatives in these agencies towards this end, along with measures required to acquire critical cyber forensics equipment,” the government official said. He further added that the committee aldo decided to form inter-ministerial committee to identify monitoring of action plans and implementation against hacking attempts.

According to a report, in the three years 1,44,496 cyber attacks were observed .

As per information reported by Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), 44,679 cyber attacks were recorded in 2014, 49,455 attacks were observed in 2015 and  50,362 attacks were observed in 2016. The types of cyber attacks included were denial of service attack, phishing, website intrusions defacements, virus attacks or probing/scanning  

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