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Russian Hackers group Cobalt attacked 250 companies around the world

The Russian Hackers from cobalt group did a trick in the summer of 2016 that made ATMs in Taiwan and Thailand to throw out the money.  In the first half of 2017, they attacked more than 250 organizations around the world, by sending letters on behalf of Visa and MasterCard.

Phishing emails were sent to CIS, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, North America, Western Europe and South America countries. First of all, Cobalt is attacking banks, exchanges, insurance companies and investment funds.

"Kaspersky Lab" hold the opinion that the members of the Cobalt came from the other dangerous groups - Carbanak, which first attacks were detected in 2013.

Experts suggest that the group has roots in the Russian Federation. According to Sergey Golovanov, the expert of "Kaspersky Lab", about a hundred people are members of Cobalt.

He also noted that the damage caused by the hackers attacks already exceeded a billion dollars. So, one attack costs to Russian banks on average 10 millions rubles.

- Christina

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